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Just wondered if anyone else has checked out/ joined Threads…
It’s attached to your IG (I think you have to have IG to use Threads)…

Anyway, I joined shortly after it’s release (day or 2) and I’m finding it to be a pretty chill space… some are saying it’s supposed to “replace” Twitter, but I never used Twitter so I don’t know… Of course there were plenty of fiber artists talking about how the name just begged for fiber artists to join hehe

So if you have joined, I’d love to follow you… Personally I treat it a little bit more personal and have more random ramblings on it than I do my IG (especially since IG is pic/video based, and Threads is text based, with pics allowed)
Here’s my Threads if you want to look/follow
OBabyNMore (like everywhere :wink:)
Add your link below and I’ll follow!


Mine is anoswaldoddity- but not going to be crochet related.


Mine is jadamscollection, and I have mine linked to my Instagram and vice versa :grin:

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I am susanfurneaux on threads and Insta

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I agree the name is begging for fiber artists to join! My username is Thecrafteemanatee. I plan to post crochet/knitting related things but I’m still new to it :blush:

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