Tip for weaving in Yarn

Velvet Yarn doesn’t like being weaved in :stuck_out_tongue:. It snaps too easy when its fuzzies gets stuck. So, i thought I’d share what I do.
You’ll see, I don’t care if the yarn is coming from the opposite direction. Gonna get WEAVED anyway. :dancer:t3:.


I usually try to have only a small part through the needle (because when it goes through double it gets stuck easier. Also i try to pull through very slowly though each stitch, and when there’s even a little resistance then stop, pull back a little and see if it can still work or if its starting to separate/lose fuzzy. Also whenever there’s a bit of yarn that lost the fuzzy stuff, rip to that, i cut it a little before because when one part looses it, then the rest will come off easy around it as well while sewing