Tips for personalized orders

I’ve been wanting to actually sell crochet plushies but I’d rather do it as custom orders because I hate making the same pattern to many times, any tips on where to start!?


Maybe you could show some thing you’ve made before in a listing, add some suggestions for things you can make in the description, that way people can kinda know what to expect?

And maybe add a size/price range thingy, like different sizes and difficulty being different price (like a kinda chart)

But I’m not sure, I don’t really do custom orders because I feel like I might mess up/not make exactly what that person likes :sweat_smile:


I’m honestly terrified of selling plushies because of shipping :sob: that’s my main fear


what I did was spread the message like tell my friends and family. I got 3 orders and gave it to them. I used Nextdoor since I didn’t want to do shipping.