Tips on how to grow your business

Hi loves!

I’m not necessarily a big and famous person, but I’ve managed to make 1000 followers every single month starting this year, and I think I’m able to give a bit of insight on how others can get to my level.

Here are some tips to gain more followers:

  1. Create unique free patterns.

I’m sure a lot of you already know this, but a lot of you aren’t doing it properly, which is why you keep failing. A lot of small businesses tend to start by copying already existing patterns, such as turtles and bees, or leggy froggies. I understand the convenience, but there are already thousands of existing free turtle patterns out there, and you won’t be reaching anyone at that degree.

What you want to do instead is to design things that YOU want. What pattern did you wish you could find when you just started? Any animals that you love but don’t see enough patterns of?

Don’t look at trends. By the time you’re finished making that toothless dragon, everyone else will have made one and you’ll be in huge competition.

So stay true to yourself and design what YOU want.

  1. Reuse patterns.

If you’ve already made a cute pattern, reuse it. Most sellers especially have one body they use and just change the colours and design a little bit.

Take Rin meow as an example. All of her patterns are copy paste of each other, the only difference is that she changes their colours, maybe adds a few stitches here and there, and adds hats or scarves or who knows what.

Your biggest success as a crocheter is to design patterns that you can reuse in the future. This is something that takes time, but it’s sooo worth it once you figure something out.

  1. Don’t be shy to contact other businesses.

I have myself contacted a few other crochet businesses and directly asked them if they’d like to be a tester or if they’d like to have my pattern for free, for a promo. It usually does work. You never know your chances until you try. Even if they’re not willing to try it, they do tend to at least share it on their stories, and that can boost your views.

Don’t be sad if you don’t end up getting a lot of tester applicants at first. It’s hard work to get to the top, and can take a minimum a year. The best thing is you keep trying.

  1. Build a community.

Say you got testers and followers to an extent. Now what?

Well, make friends! The best testers are those who are happy. Offer them free patterns of your own when they’re done testing, follow them back after you choose them, and be friendly and sociable. Building a huge group of testers or friends helps you a lot along the way!

You can find crochet groupchats everywhere, as well as make your own. Just comment under a crochet accounts post that you’re making a gc and people will join. Having these types of groups can help you, even just a little, to build a community.

These aren’t a lot of tips but usually they help. Other crochet accounts are not your enemy, but your future clients. So it’s best you support each other, and help one another. Don’t be shy to share your own tips as well :slight_smile:


These are all so amazing! Thank you for sharing these helpful tips!


Those tips are really nice, I’m already avoiding patterns that are too common, except if I have any idea that can make them unique, but I have never really considerate the other ones


Thank you for the tips!! I will definitely consider these when I make patterns :blush: