To stuff or not to stuff??

I am currently making this fairy pattern for an upcoming market:
I am loving the pattern, but wanting to make it baby safe. I am sewing on eyes, but wondering about stuffing. I don’t know if their little fingers can reach in and pull out stuffing to choke on. I want to do what’s best for my customers, so I am wondering if anyone knows what ok to do and if it’s safe.


I think you shouldn’t stuff because the choking may happen. That’s why some baby plushy stuff is flat. Easier to hug too


If the pattern uses only sc, then generally speaking, if you keep the tension tight and don’t use a too large hook, stuffing shouldn’t be a problem. But if you are using hdc, dc, or any other stitches that have a lot of holes in between, I would recommend either not stuffing, or holding the stuffing in some sort of container. I sometimes use stockings in those cases.


Ya, i am thinking the same thing, better safe then sorry


I think the stitches are tight enough, but I still might not stuff it. I like your idea about the stocking though


I think a no stuffing snuggler would be cute! Also, this pattern looks adorable! Where isnit from?

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You could always stuff it wirh clean rags, I’ve done this a few times and it doesn’t come out, and even if it does, they’re less likely to be ingested.

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