Took my pigeon socks to get approved by my pigeon friends.

Today I had some bad news and was upset, so I took my pigeon sock to my favourite place to sit and exist where I get to see the pigeons and they’re very used to me being there feeding them that they come sit on my arms and knees without much coaxing. Safe to say I think the approved.

Pigeons have been our friends for a very long time, the rock dove specifically (the pigeon in the photo) have ben domesticated by us for over 6000 years. They aren’t pests, they’re our friends.


So very cute! Hope you feel better :smiley:


That’s so nice! I hope during the day you got to feel better :sparkling_heart:


Hope the pigeons helped you feel better, they are pretty birds. those colors on your socks match them, I’m sure they approve. love the colors and design on the socks as well ;).