Travel crochet projects

Yo! Its been a while since I’ve been on ribblr, and I’m trying to rekindle my enjoyment of crochet. I have like three 15 hour car rides coming up, and i think it’s gonna be a good time to make some stuff. Although, a lot of the time will be used for listening to music and watching Formula 1 (fellow racing enjoyers?) lol
The amount of time I’ll actively be crocheting is probably closer to 4/5 hours. Your ideas are appreciated! I dont want to bring a lot of yarn, but I have been more interested in making clothes lately. I freehand a lot of my projects, but patterns are welcome!
Cheers and thank you! :+1:


I’ve been on 3 road trips, each 100+ hrs each, I’d recommend making like large plushies, but if you have a market coming up, I’d do that instead

Just relax on the road trip, also be safe and don’t carsick Lol!

maybe a large snorlax? Or turtle!


maybe the 6 day star blanket? you might not finish it but maybe you will!


i haven’t watched formula 1 yet, but i love racing and cars :sob:

goodluck on your roadtrip!!!



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Sweater, maybe a blanket? Nothing with a ton of stuffing cause stuffing takes to so much room