Traveling question!

I am going to be out of town this summer for over 20 days. I am going to a lacrosse campe, florida, portarico, and New york. 4 of the days is a lacrosse camp so I probably wont be able to crochet much but still. I am driving to the lacrosse camp and florida. I know to florida I will be working on @Scarletskies pudge the dragon pattern and my temperature blanket which is uhm on January 6th-…. I dont know what I should bring on the plane to Porto Rico and New york thought because I have jever crocheted on a plane before. I am assuming I cant really bring more than two skeins and not much fiber fill so I will only be able to make smaller things. Does any one have any tips for the plane rides?


a bag to put your ends in? plus a mini accesory kit (safety eyes, yarn for blush, etc.) But dont fill ur backpack too much cuz then you wont have anywhere to put ur finished projects


If you’re sitting next to random people, make their plane ride more interesting by drawing eyes all over a piece of paper in red pen and drawing things to freak the heck out of them, that’s my favorite thing to do.


Maybe start a star blanket?


ughh, I tried to find this pattern online but I can’t. I have this book called “One Skein Wonders, 101 ways to Get Hooked!”. It has 101 one-skein patterns AND it has a WIP bag!!! The bag is super cute!! I wish I could find it for ya!! If I get the book back soon, I’ll send you pics of the pattern!! (only cuz ur a friend and I trust you not to sell it or some shi) <33