Trust in the process I had to restart 3 times but I got there in the end

It’s my 2nd week of crochet and I decided to try a more complex patter it went wrong 3 times and I had to restart, but I kept at it and in the end I did well! All I can say is trust the process it may not look like it’s coming together but eventually with perseverance you can do it. if you put your mind to it! :heart:
So I wanted to spread some positivity so anyone who reads this. You got this!


Good job! And thank you for the encouragement.

I remember years ago, I made a really lame hacky sack. At the time, I said I’d NEVER crochet another sphere again! It looked terrible, it was stressful and just not worth it.

Here I am years later, addicted to amigurumi. And the sphere is a mandatory shape in most patterns! I can make them without pulling out my hair now. Progress!

Yes, perseverance pays off!