Trying to motivate testers

Yes I am writing up a blurb about required communication.


I myself had made a first timers on (Ribblr doing testing) big mistake. I overloaded my and wanting to test everything. Since I did so in the past 2 weeks I had to come to a stop on grabbing the tester opportunity. I have put all of my obligations on a calendar and I am trying not to overload myself. I am sorry for not getting all of my responsibilities done. So in the future I am trying to do better. :grin::heart::sunglasses::honeybee::butterfly::frog::dog::popcorn::star2::four_leaf_clover:


I personally find it a bit difficult to finish certain tests. I’m a very slow crocheter and sometimes the more other people finish the test the less I’m motivated to do it. How do you ask for more time when someone’s finished it in the first day?

Sometimes I’ll be trying to work on something else at the same time I’m crocheting so I’ll forget about the test completely, and then have to rush to finish it at the end.

Try putting must communicate to the designer in the rules, because then it’s a bit harder to forget about a test.

These things worked for me but the might not work for everyone, sorry this is kinda long


I’ve only put out one call for testers here, but I’ve had enough experience with volunteers, neurodivergent folks (myself included, lol), and eager but unrealistic students that I feel I have a good handle on the issue.

My best tip is to onboard 2-3 times as many testers as you really need until you have a good list of reliable volunteers built up.

As far as motivation is concerned, I take a carrot and stick approach - extra reward for extra effort (like completing a journal and allowing me to use their photos), removal for those that don’t communicate. Those that communicate they can’t finish on time, or have to bow out entirely aren’t put on my naughty list… but I have a “three strikes you’re out” policy there as well - not communicated in the tester call, just personal policy.

I also think it’s important to acknowledge the community aspect here. The more active one is in the community, the more natural motivation volunteers will have.

I haven’t decided yet if I’ll be building a full business that includes my patterns, but if I do, I’ll be building a team of dedicated testers that will be compensated either monetarily or with supplies and access to my full catalog of patterns. At that point, I’ll still be putting out tester calls as a sort of scouting process, but I won’t be relying entirely on volunteers.


Speed comes with time. I have been crocheting for almost 52yrs. Keep going it will come.


I am building a reputable tester list too not just the other list.


I’m slow but for a different reason. I’m old enough to know that whatever you set out to do , shit happens. So,I start on it as soon as I get the pattern. just this past week I was doing a test for a friend, when a couple parts went missing , kitties took them somewhere. :cat2::black_cat::smirk_cat:
I still had time to make new parts and finish it on time.

And……for me anyway, I have to be in a certain frame of mind when doing Amigurumi- especially the sewing of parts. I’ve learned that rushing me does not turn out my best work.

Most tester calls have too short a turn around time for me especially if project has details, color changes, many appendages to sew, embroidery,and ( in my opinion) project is too damn small for any sane person to make it.
You micro amigurumi people are crazy.


I only choose tests that I am a) confident in my ability or have the skill to finish, B) motivated to finish, and c) really enjoy the pattern of. So if I apply for a test, it’s not just some wishy-washy thing. I picked it because I like the pattern and am inspired to make it and finish it.

Yes real life can get in the way but I always try and find time, and keep the creator up to date. If something happens and I am a little behind, I let them know and try and get it done as soon as I can. Though I will agree some tests have an absurdly short due date, like 3-5 days even for a large complex pattern.
That might be part of the problem. If a due date is too short and not everyone can speed-crochet, they may lose motivation knowing that they aren’t gonna be able to make the due date anyways, so they mentally give up. They will still work on it, but thier heart is no longer in it.
That’s usually when they go silent and admit defeat.


my cat steals parts all the time too. I even crocheted her her own little chicken, but of course shes more interested in my stuff than hers lol

ye, i dont apply to short tests. Even if I know I can make it, I dont want to be rushed.

I feel like some people dont look at the due date before applying. Thats why people specify the due date, so that you can determine if thats enough time for you to finish before applying.

I personally dont apply If I dont have at least triple the time I need. If i think a pattern would take me 4 days, I wont apply unless It’s 12 days. If I can do it in a day, then I need 3. It gives me room incase I have a bad mental health day; I know I wont have to worry about the pattern when I’m already feeling down because I have plenty of time


I can relate