I need help. I haven’t been very motivated in the last week. Alot has happened, to me and my friends. I am usually pretty upbeat in my brain but I feel so plain. I am going to spice up my room a bit but I don’t know what to do. I finished school and maybe that is it. I liked school, but again it took some pressure off. I like being somewhere and being busy, but I got really tired so I rested well for 3 days. Slept in, didn’t do a lot of physical work and even did some mental therapy.( I count eatching Marvel as that. I love it so much​:heart_eyes:) Soo…if 'yall have any suggestions let me know


Today I got some acrylic drawers, so I got motivated to clean and reorganized my whole desk lol

:sparkles: Before :sparkles:

:sparkles: After :sparkles:

Sorry if that didn’t help :pensive:


Sometimes I feel unmotivated too! That’s ok! This year I feel like I have really tried to focus on not getting burnt out. If you still want to crochet, maybe try designing a pattern or making a small project so that you can kind of gain momentum. If you don’t feel like crocheting, maybe try going outside and taking a walk or something. I hope that you feel better soon!:yellow_heart:


Thanks. I have been trying to be outside more. I will try thise​:kissing_heart:


Wow! That is such an improvement!


Try something new! Think of something random that you haven’t done in a while (that’s fun) and just do it. Like… I’ve felt like making a pillow fort lately. Talk to someone if you have their number and you haven’t chatted in a while! Go outside the house and like take a bike ride to walmart or something idk…
MOST IMPORTANTLY… Dont get down on yourself :heart: you will have those days of unmotivation. Hope this helps :upside_down_face: