unacceptable tester treatment

Since the topic has been floating around more in the last couple of weeks, something has come to my attention
there is a member of our community that is harassing their testers and threatening to charge them for patterns if they do not meet deadlines for all of the requirements. This is not only unacceptable, but it is not possible within the platform. If you do not meet the requirements of a test, the pattern is simply revoked.
This is why it is important to understand the protections that the ribblr testing platform gives you, and make wise choices based on the info contained within the post and the profile of the designer.
If this is happening to you, you should report this to the ribblr team immediately, so that it doesn’t happen to anyone else.


I understand that there are certain occasions where testers don’t give signals of living and they ghost you, but to the point of charging them if they don’t get to deadline is a bit out of any limits! Nobody knows what could have happened to that person.

I understand on the other hand the frustration from the designer’s part as well, because you trust that the people you choose to help you test can finish in the timeline you decide…

My point of view on all of this is not counting again with that person and simply restraining access to the pattern and black listing.

Charging them is ugly and not well handled.


it is frustrating to have a tester not live up to their commitments, but they are doing the designer a favor. They are taking their time, skill, and materials to do this thing for you. You just have to swallow it and remove them and add them to THE LIST (cause we all have one)
They did not cost you any money, they only disrupted a plan at worst.


This is why i think designers should also be obligated to test for others! It’s volunteer work, and strengthens your understanding of what to expect as a tester as well as a designer. It only makes you a stronger designer and a more favorable tester


While we sympathise with the designer, we do not facilitate such abilities nor do we recommend it.

This is exactly why our safe testing tools exist and are continuing to expand.

Our stand is that any requirement must be made clear and upfront on the tester call. A tester can then choose to accept the designer’s terms.


I don’t test much at all, mostly because they are items I either can not, or will not use… which is wasteful. And I do not do ami, ever.
That being said, the knitting participation is quite lacking here, so I try to offer up proof-reading at the very least for knitting patterns, because if you are new to the ribbuild, it can be difficult to make sure it’s all in there in a way that makes sense. But I will not entertain even that offer if there are any conditions attached that require anything outside of ribblr, or the generic “like and follow me” requests before I have had the chance to know if I like you yet.


Thank you for raising awareness on this issue :raised_hands:


Wow… That’s awful and unnaceptable! The whole point of Ribblr is that you can remove them as testers and they won’t be able to access the pattern anymore.

Yeah it’s not fun whem testers don’t reply but charging them… that’s just next level :dizzy_face:


Perhaps there should be some kind of vetting process. Not just for the testers but for the designers as well. As I don’t test and don’t design I have no idea what the vetting criteria for either party should be. But both sides seem to have bad experiences so something needs to be done.

EDITED TO ADD. This is a big issue on other online craft forums. Some of them have very stringent rules for each group. One group which is now no longer active managed to antagonize both testers and designers with its strict rules


I wouldn’t think there would be anyway to reinforce that? seems odd that they would say they are going charge someone for the pattern, I would think if someone is not responding or if the deadline passes and It is not completed with no communication as to why that they would just take them off the testers so that person would no longer have the pattern.

I have seen other say that people need to buy the pattern then upon completion will reimburse but I thing that is rather odd as well, give that they are asking for volunteer testers.

If I had the funds I would send all my testers all supplies they would need for the test and more, but unfortunately, I have not made it big yet and do not currently make enough off my patterns and such to even cover the cost of my supplies :crazy_face:

I appreciate everyone that has tested for me and communicated through the testing process (even if they did not complete the test because of life stuff)

I like the idea proposed above of vetting testers and designers, but I cant think of a great way to do that. maybe ribblr could have a rate your tester/designer you tested for with different categories and then after so many surveys are entered for a tester or designer could earn a badge for trusted tester or kind designer or whatnots (this is not totally realistic as the coding and organizing that would have to go into this is not practical, and then you have to trust that people would actually fill out each survey at the end of a test) would still be nice.


No idea how a designer would even charge someone that didnt completed a testing call… But i do like the “rate my designer/tester” idea!


in a way, we already have a very primitive system of that.
People have the option of leaving a review (simple thumbs up and a star, 2 clicks, nothing more) and designers have the option of “liking” a journal
But being able to click a button if you liked the testing process or the tester would have to be limited to a single vote per person per interaction like the system already here to avoid coerced likes.
Other than that, just look for things that have already been mentioned to see clues as to how it might go.


they can’t, not through ribblr at least, which was what made the threat even uglier


This is my first time using the platform and I happened to do this and corrected my mistake! Glad there is a discussion going on so I can better understand this platform.


What an unexpected example of grace and humility. I’m glad this topic has helped the community. Hopefully it reaches those that need it most.


I’ve seen designers outside of Ribblr do that. Typically they invoice you to your address/email address then threaten to sue if you don’t pay etc. etc. In any case I think it’s nasty and vindictive for anyone to do, in any circumstances :dizzy_face: of course having testers comes with risk, but there’s no need to put all that on them, ya know?


Yes it most definitely helped me, I apologized and made the pattern available for all testers. It doesn’t ever have to be that serious! Open communication is key :ok_hand:t5:


The internet truly can bring out the worst in people


I’m sooo proud of you! Dang, I really am! My respect for you has jumped up to the top.
I’m almost in tears, so dang proud of you. @eunoianuageco .


I love that Ribblr is not allowing this behavior! I’m curious if this person has been banned yet? If it’s known who is doing this then they should be removed from the community imo.