Unblock view for selected testers

I don’t know if this feature exists, but I think it would be very useful to the have the option to unblock parts of the pattern for specific testers only! This way the creator can give gradual access only to those testers who update their journals showing their progress and commitment :blush:


Ohh, i thought that was how it worked. I didnt know it was for all testers at once. That would be useful


I can’t see the option to tick specific testers, but maybe I’m missing something? I’m not the best with apps haha :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah its only available for “block view from here” with all testers not individually


Yeah this sounds like a really good idea! :smile:


This is the correct answer. Make sure you use it to block parts of the pattern, then you can tell testers they have until X date to complete the first section, otherwise they won’t be able to continue with the test.

This way, you have full control over your patterns, and you can not only remove your pattern from testers’ libraries but also guarantee they only see the part they are actively working on.

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