Understanding of difficult patterns and she

What do you do you do when your half way finished with a pattern and all of a sudden the pattern changes completely and you are lóst and don’t understand what what to do at do at all???


I have frogged a few things I started making, because suddenly the pattern did not make any sense and I never received a reply from the designer on a cupule, and once because it was a vintage pattern and well I was unable to find help!


Oh wow, that’s annoying.
Have you contacted the designer ? Was it a free pattern ?


Can you link the pattern? Maybe one of us can see if a second pair of eyes helps?


If the designer don’t answer, you can try find someone Else, who have finished the project. You can maybe search the name of the project as a hashtag on instagram.


Cry (I have to engage with my feelings to move on) then re-read the pattern.

If I’m desperate, I may ask my mum and give her gloating rights!

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Cry :sob::sob:

Yeah I usually move on to the next project :roll_eyes:
If you’re using the same yarn it can be very satisfying to unravel the trash piece and transform it into something workable :joy: