Unrelated mini-rant with "warning"

I don’t use social media, so this is the only place I have to complain, lol - and with so many young people here, I feel like this is important.

See this headline?

It’s garbage. 99% of headlines relating to science are garbage.

Literally no one who works in genetics should be “shook” by anything in this article. No one. Interested? Sure. “Shook?” Absolutely not.

When science editors use headlines like this to get their clicks, they undermine the validity of science itself and it ticks me off to no end.

As some of you know, I’m an evolutionary biologist and my specialty is genomics… which is basically just the data side of genetics. I was a bit less than underwhelmed by the “shocking” discovery outlined in the article. My exact thoughts were “huh… protists are weird, that’s literally why they’re so loosely defined. How is this shocking?”

It isn’t, that’s how, lol

Don’t trust science headlines. End rant, lol


This is the actual article in question. Good article, crap headline, lol

Edited to add: The first sentence/bi-line is garbage as well, lol The rules haven’t changed, an exception has been found in one single organism.

That there is more than one way for genetic information to get things done is why evolution works, lol


Its honestly so annoying, im not a professional, and im just a highschool student, but honestly if something is ‘shocking’ them it is probably falso lol



Rabbit fossils in the Cambrian, THAT would be shocking, lol