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Heya Ribblr! Sometimes I get ghosted by people who post tester calls, its very annoying when I spend my time and yarn to make something and then I don’t get the finished pattern or karma points. I suggest if you make a journal with a photo of your finished product and post something like “finished” with a photo of your product you can be automatically gifted the pattern. Thank you for reading my suggestion. (:


Omg yes! But I guess if designers have other criteria, it might not be great for them.


I can see this being abused by people uploading partial, incomplete or just downright not relevant photos. On top of that, it could incentivise people not to write any feedback or to post it to the journal instead. Its hard to have an automated way to do this,


I understand, i dont know how it would be automated, but its annoying when the poster does not hold up their end of the deal.

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Yes I agree

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What do you mean exactly? I’m a little confused


yes i agree!


Thanks for sharing! We’ve not heard of many issues with designers testing, but ultimately there’s an element of trust that has to be earned. If this keeps happening with the same designer please report it to us

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will do!

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