Uploading patterns


I’ve just tried to upload some of my patterns - is there any way to just upload your own pdf without having to type it all out?


Congrats on your first post! You do have the option of attaching a PDF in your pattern just like you would photos and videos I believe, however its definitely recommended to write it using Ribblr’s ebuild since it makes it easier for crafters to keep track and mark their progress, alternatively you can generate a pdf from your patterns as well so if you prefer pdf’s you can write it Ribbuild and then make the PDF, although it’s up to you, the help center should tell you how for sure perhaps search pdf in there to answer your questions if not feel free to ask and I can try and help​:smile:


Thank you :slight_smile: I have all my patterns already written in pdf forms so I thought it might be a lot easier (and quicker) to upload them lol. I didn’t realise you could track and mark progress though, what a great feature!


No problem! It definitely is a great feature that even offers the ability to click on specific things like single crochet, increase, etc essentially crochet terms and a video will appear that shows you how! Ribbuild also has it where it automatically convertes the terms to another type like US to UK etc and even offers left handed mode for those that are left handed :grin: definitely consider poking around to see what you can do in it as I just scratched the surface :smile:


I switched this to support so that if anyone else had this question they can search and see the answer (you, @Ribblr, or @leaders can also mark the reply that helped answer your question)


Welcome to Ribblr!

All patterns must be made interactive in order to be listed and promoted on the platform, but you may also add a PDF version which you can also generate via your shop in case you decide to use Ribbuild, our pattern builder, to create patterns in the future.

Check this out for more info on how to convert your existing patterns:

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