"Us, Eagles" poem for an assignment

Hello y’all, so I had to create/write my own poem for an assignment, what do you think ab it? It’s about fake friends. (It’s a slam poem btw)

Us, Eagles

Let’s compare ourselves to the myth of the eagle
It breaks off its beak in order to live longer
And breaks off its feathers too
But does that really work for them?

I wish my feelings weren’t null
If I were to give my complete all to you, would it be legal?
If I were to destroy myself, then, would you appreciate me?
If not, then we aren’t really meant to be

Now, I know this may sound exaggerated
With your friendship I was fascinated
Did you feel that too?
Who knew this was the real you

I wish I would’ve known
That this was my cue
So I would leave you alone
Before I was left without a crew

As the legend says, an eagle breaks off its beak
Now, does that make them weak?
Sometimes we have to just move on with disgust
From what we think might be feeding us