Venting cause I’m depressed ✌️

Okay so I have adhd for those who didn’t know and if you have adhd you tend to have a very low self esteem well yeah…. That’s me… so I have just kinda put myself in a bad situation I’m much better than I am a few years ago… a few years ago I was really close to taking my life and ever since I still am just…… I have the personality to always be happy around people like I physically don’t know how to show another emotion other than being happy I may be super sad and depressed you would of never known even some of my best friends would say I’m the happiest funniest person they have ever met but when I’m alone…. Yeah not even my mom knows that I’m depressed and I’m to lazy to tell her… so yeah… but yeah there I my venting LOVE YOU GUYS :two_hearts:


if we think about the positive- happy few years clean!!

same, I’m happy on the outside, but sad on the inside
also I’m a people pleaser, and idk how to not be at some times

I hope your alright
Huggies :people_hugging::people_hugging:


I’m not clean I still have the thoughts time to time… and I am still depressed but thanks!


vent to me if u want ommie <333


I’m here if u need someone to vent to :heart: