Verse of the Day: 07-24-23

“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.” Psalm 150:6

In my life, I have been prone to just read this really quick and go about my day, but this morning I really took time to just sit and think about this.

If I am going to do anything with my time, I want it to give God glory and point others to His goodness and His love. I mean, He gave me the time I have and the breath I’m breathing, so why not thank Him for His grace to keep me alive? Why not compliment someone who’s having a bad day? Why not help an elderly neighbor carry in groceries? Why not put the knitting down and play a game with my younger brother?

These things give praise to God, because I’m taking time for serving and helping others instead of wasting time being selfish. We serve God when we serve others :heart:

Keep this in mind today: “Am I praising God right now?” if not, tell Him “I praise You, I thank You, I love You.” Sing Him a song, or do something nice for someone else. This is how you Praise the Lord :heart::heart:

Update: I’ll be taking over the Christian Crafters space for @Bumblebelle while she’s spending time at church camp. Keep up ur prayers for her and her church, also that this space attracts many Ribblrs to come be encouraged!!