Verse of The Day📖


"Do everything without grumbling or arguing." -Philippians 2:14

Today’s Scripture is a fantastic reminder that by treating others better, we treat ourselves better.

Yesterday, my aunt stopped by to deliver some yarn to me, and she sat and talked with us for a bit. My brother and I were joking around with each other, which got on the subject of arguments and disagreements (of which we have had many in the past) ; however, our mom reminded us that we usually never have big fights about things, and we try to quickly resolve issues.

This is easier on some days than others. My brother and I clash at times, so reading this today reminded me to do whatever it takes NOT TO ARGUE OR GRUMBLE.
Even if he starts it, or if I misunderstand, I need to keep away from thinking I am always right, or he is always against me; because those two thoughts aren’t truthful and honest.

I hope this verse encourages you all today to stay on the peaceful side with whoever you interact with, even when it doesn’t feel right :v::slightly_smiling_face: