very sorry to the people that i am testing for.

unfortunately, crochet has become a very unhealthy addiction for me. lately i have been losing rest and slacking behind on my grades. since my parents are very focused on my performance in school, i have to stop crochet until my summer break arrives. i hate the person that i am becoming as a result of crochet. it drains me, stresses me and has been chipping away at my mental health. i can’t function properly under these conditions and my parents will do bad things to me if i don’t start concerning myself with more productive things.

my most sincere apologies to @Jadex and @Scarletskies !!!

i will distance myself from crochet and ribblr. exactly how long? i have no idea.


Wow, I didnt think crochet could be that deprimental :sob: You gotta do what you gotta do though. I hope you feel better and have a healing break :heart:


Stay safe : )


Omg, I am so sad to hear about this.
Get better


yeah, however it’s mainly caused by other things like my experiences in the past, my family and issues that would take too long to explain here lol.

i can admit that crochet has aided in my development as an individual…

but! said development wasn’t exactly the best for me. i am very happy for anyone who finds happiness in crochet! i just didn’t happen to be one of them.


Good luck with school and take care of yourself.
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