Want to stay up to date?

I know several of you like to keep up to date on patterns and progress, so I thought I’d let you know I’m more active on Instagram than on the community tab here. If you want to follow me, I’m @crochetingsavvy on Instagram!


i closed out my IG acct because of all the drama, people going on other peoples pages and being very ugly and the platform cancelling other people which led to more drama, not my cup of tea, same reason I don’t belong to facebook anymore either. All I wanted was to follow my favorite pattern creators and indy yarn dyers without the drama, but alas some people just can’t let things be and just not follow those they don’t agree with. So I pick and choose the platforms that causes the least amount of drama, which are basically Ribblr, Lovecrafts, youtube accts of my favorite knitters, spinners and yarn dyers (youtube has its own problems but so far I haven’t seen it bleeding over to those crafter I follow), and my blog ;). Life is tough in our digital world, I am just choosing peace where I can find it.