Wanting to Pattern Test

Hi, I really want to start pattern testing. I’ve seen a lot of people post about wanting testers, but I can’t seem to actually be a tester :frowning: I have a crochet account where I post stuff (I don’t post a lot but I have stuff there). Can anyone give me tips on how to actually like get to test patterns? Thanks!

btw my instagram is @snailgirlcrochet :^)


Honestly, perserverance/diligence is key! I apply to anything that intrigues me and keep my fingers crossed.

If you’re trying to get them through ribblr, specifically, one thing that was helpful for me was to get alerts/notifications about new topic posts in the tester zone. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure I would miss them all. :sweat_smile:


For me, just reply and I’ll most likely accept you as a tester and send the pattern to you! Just try replying to pattern tests you want to test.