Wedding Gift suggestions?

Hello everyone o/
My best friend of 12 years is engaged!!! She has asked me to be her maid of honor; and along with helping her plan and decorate I would love to make them a nice wedding gift. If the gift was just for her I’d have absolutely no problem finding a pattern. But I’d rather it be something they both would like and enjoy. Their favorite colors are collectively purple/blue/black and they like things bold and elegant or just goofy and fun!
If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it! I have a year at least so anything goes!

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Do you do C2C? A lot of great ideas for that. Maybe a blanket with a heart with names and the wedding date, for example.


Unfortunately I haven’t tried c2c yet. I was thinking a blanket would be the best thing to make though, that is a great idea! Maybe I’ll find a beginner pattern to practice and go from there.


Congratulations to them :tada:

Maybe as gift idea you could make something that has like specific meaning to them, like something that’s kinda like an inside joke that you share (I hope im saying that right because half asleep)

Or perhaps you could make something twice that matches so that they both have something to share (or perhaps a thing where it’s like 2 things that you can put together to make a set, like same principle as 2 half hearts and they combine to 1 putting them next to each other)

Okay probably not the best idea but 2 amigurumi or something possibly related to them, holding something like a heart, then adding a small magnet inside (magnet optional but seems cool I think) and boom matching thing they can also put on display in their home that reminds them of their special day. Or no heart but putting them together makes a hug or something

Just continuing from that other thing but what if you make amigurumi and put them in like a suit/weddings dress or whatever matches what the couple would wear

Sorry this was slightly sleepy rambling but I hope at least 1% is useful :grin::heart:


All great ideas and very helpful thank you!! Also don’t worry I’m always sleepy :joy: you made perfect sense.

I’d love to do something more personalized for them as it is a huge day I’d like to kind of commemorate for them. I just don’t know her fiancé :sweat_smile:. I know her like the back of my hand but we live in different states so I haven’t met the other half yet.

But! I love those ideas, maybe I can halfway sneakily get some more info on what he likes or some silly inside jokes they have.


Also I hope this doesn’t come off as insensitive or anything of the sort by not just knowing what to make. :sweat_smile: I’m not the most creative person I just enjoy the craft.


There’s also pigs or bunnies: 1000s of unique & free interactive patterns | Advance search | Ribblr


Congratulations to you, your best friend and her fiancé :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: They must be so excited, and you too!
I think you should make a blanket with their favorite colors, and maybe use blanket/chenille yarn?
Congrats and I hope everything goes well!


If you do interlocking or mosaic crochet (or if you want to learn), the Double Wedding Rings blanket by Ashlee Brotzell may be an option.


So I’m not a lot of help as I came to give the blanket idea… And seeing that you don’t know the fiance, want to share what I did… One of my best friends got married, asked me to be bridesmaid, I’d never met from before the rehearsal… I made a blanket using her favorite colors (which was along the lines of their wedding colors), and presented it to them explaining that they use it for arguments… I won’t be able to say it as eloquently as I’d like, but the idea is: when you have an argument, you sir under the blanket and talk through both sides…
However the idea from @WolfKvB of decor that is 2 pieces that join together (love the magnet idea) is super cute!!


Love the idea about the argument blanket!



Oh I haven’t replied in a while :sweat_smile: I’m thinking I’ll most definitely do some sort of blanket, and then maybe a couple matching amigurumi with magnet’s or whatnot cause that’s what I’m best at. Maybe too much? Lol I’m sure they’ll love it anyway (hopefully)

I’m loving all the different ideas though thank you everyone :heart::heart: