What are some good patterns for bags?

I have wanted to make a bag for a while now and just cant find a good free pattern. Can someone please help me and link some bag patterns?


What kind of bag? market bag? phone bag? book bag?
I made this pattern and it could be adaptable. Check it out. Temporarily free … EDITED to say I hope you are one of the makers that got it free. Price is on it again.

I don’t know anything about this pattern, just found it myself, but check this one out.

This is cute.

Or, this?

There are so many, I’m just gonna post the link to more. Check them out. 1000s of unique & free interactive patterns | Advance search | Ribblr


there are tons of good patterns for bags! here is a simple free one! i have a bunch more saved if you want more! FREE Sunflower Bag: Crochet pattern | Ribblr