What can I do to overcome this lack of will?

good morning everybody.
How do you deal with the lack of desire to do things (crochet), I’ve been unwilling to do anything, I even ended up losing some test patterns because of this. And with the low engagement on Instagram, I was even more excited to do this.
What can I do to overcome this lack of will?


I felt this for 2 months recently. I have only just managed to get myself to start crocheting again :sweat_smile: for me i enjoyed the break and I eased myself back in when I felt somewhat ready. I first made a random low sew and easy pattern from my pattern library and that helped get the ball rolling again for me :slight_smile: I think being a designer helps as wanting to produce atleast 1 or 2 Christmas themed patterns gave me more of a push/ desire to crochet. Though even for non designers I suppose you can get a bit of a push/ desire to crochet if you were thinking of making a Christmas present for someone :smile: I held off slightly from pattern testing as due dates can cause somewhat pressure and stress. But after creating a couple patterns for my shop I have became a tester for someone again.

My recommendation is to take baby steps and not force yourself into big projects etc as it may end up feeling like a job/chore. And Christmas is a great time in my opinion to get back into crochet as like mentioned above wanting to create festive patterns/wanting to create gifts for people gives you a somewhat desire to crochet. So maybe have a look through the patterns here and find something easy/small and possibly low sew that could make for a lovely item in someone’s stocking :smiling_face: I hope this helps :white_heart:


I haven’t knit or crocheted in a long time, only a few times since Covid hit. No energy and no motivation. So I know where you are coming from


I was excited to get back to making a Kirby for my birthday this week, but a few things happened that put me off again.


Thank you very much, I’ll try to do this during the break that begins this month of work



I felt the same now, I haven’t crocheted in over a month. I’ve been doing a lot of testing and big projects, so I’m a bit exhausted. But it’s not unusual for me to have this crisis, as I’ve been reading a lot for over 10 years and during that time there have been a few times where I’ve taken a break for a while because I didn’t feel like it/motivated.
In my experience, it’s better to take a break and not feel guilty, because then or if you push things, you’ll just feel even less like it. Then, if you feel like it, you can start again in small steps.
(For example, I actually just saw a pattern yesterday that made me want to do it. I also ordered some yarn that I hadn’t done in a while. But before, even though I looked at it every day, I didn’t feel like crocheting/reading)

So my advice is, don’t feel bad, get a little immersed in this period and believe me, suddenly the motivation will come again. :heart_hands:


I would recommend doing that in the moment you are bored and can’t do anything else-like I crochet while I’m in bus, cont do anything productive anyway so even if I don’t feel like crocheting there is nothing else to do so I just force myself.

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There were a couple months I had to step away and take a break. I found that I really enjoyed when I was making whatever I wanted but once people started ordering or suggesting, I didn’t like it anymore. Once I realized what caused it I decided to stop taking custom orders from friends and family and just make what I wanted. It took me a while to want to start again but once I found a pattern I was excited about I came back full swing!


Yeah it really burns you out when friends start looking at you like a plushie factory.

I am sorry that happened to you too.

When I get low motivation I just try a different craft like painting or sewing. Once done I can usually pick the hooks back up.