What do you like on a rainy day?

A warm bowl of soup, coffee in the morning, some pretty yarn and Librivox!!

Btw, currently listening to “Around The World in Eighty Days” by Jules Verne, chapter 15. I’ve also been trying out Jane Austen, and am on chapter 31 of “Sense and Sensibility”.

Do you all have any good reads to recommend? I love classic lit and particular fantasy, especially works from J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and Darles Chickens…oops, I mean Charles Dickens :grin:


A bowl of porridge
A good film and book
My latest project
No work so I can stay home

Oops updated to say Harry Potter books


My favorite books are “secret life of bees” and “imposters”


Crocheting small animals and reading Charlotte’s Web


You should look up the hagenheim series by Melanie Dickerson. Absolutely loved it! Also recommend inkheart if you like fantasy/reading in general. And if you like classic lit look up anything by Robert frost.

I love coffe on a rainy day
And to listen to some music and crochet​:grin:


I like to listen to Percy Jackson (because I don’t want to listen to stuff I haven’t physically read) or watch a movie/show with my family and crochet.


Those are all fantastic books! If you like Jane Austen, you might give the Brontë sisters a try. There’s Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë and Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë. They’re known for some other great classic lit reads as well. I’ve also enjoyed reading Edgar Allan Poe and H. P. Lovecraft’s work. But Lovecraft is more sci fi/ horror-ish, I don’t know if that’s your jam. Oh, I’ve heard Jules Verne is great! He wrote Journey to the Center of the Earth and some other classics. It’s been a long time since I’ve allowed myself to dip into a book since I literally won’t sleep until I’ve read through it. :joy:


Oops, just saw you already listed Jules Verne lol​:sweat_smile:


If you’re enjoying Jane Austen, I would highly recommend Pride and Prejudice. As mentioned previously, Jane Eyre is pretty good. For fantasy recommendations, off the top of my head the Chronicles of Narnia, the Harry Potter series and Howl’s Moving Castle are all excellent.


I love to sit on my porch and crotchet when it rains! I definitely need a game to play


Ah, Robert Frost takes me back to studying his poems in middle school :blush:


I tried out Jane Eyre last winter and LOVED it; I think I listened to Karen Savage’s narration and followed it up with the 1980’s tv adaptation, which made it even better!

I’m wanting to read/listen to all of Jane Austen’s works and follow them up with movie adaptations; but I enjoyed the Brontë writing style a bit more, I figured.

I :heart: Narnia and Middle Earth!!


I used to love horror and mystery, but I’ve softened over time :smile: actually, I found that reading Agaha Christie was making me super paranoid about everything, so I had to stop.
I tried out Jane Eyre last winter and LOVED IT! The 80s tv adaptation is also great :+1:

Yeah, Verne is fantastic! I’m also considering H.G. Wells; I love adventure and historical works :slight_smile:

Although I’m not a horror fan, I think Bram Stoker’s Dracula is very well written. Tbh, I feel like the “monsters and myths” genre had it’s place in society, but I feel like these days it is extremely overdone. I mean, when I go back and read older monster books/watch old monster movies, there wasn’t a sense of immediate fear. It was more subtle, and they gave time for their stories to build and grow, instead of giving away every detail at the beginning.

But tbh, I’ve been really into travel and historical society works a bit more than monsters and cryptids, so what do i know :laughing:


I honestly don’t do horror or scary stuff myself, usually. :blush: I don’t enjoy being being scared so I just forgo reading it watching that kind of content, but I do enjoy Lovecraft’s writing style in how he portrays this building sense of unease as the story unfolds and the main character’s feelings over the situation. The world building is pretty cool too. But I can understand that not being your genre! I typically enjoy classical romance, mysteries like Sherlock Holmes, historical books about people and cultures and fantasy novels with immersive world building.
My mom wrote a pretty cool Christian book that’s a fantasy in a medieval setting. It’s called King Amadore’s Garden by Shelly E. Anderson that I would also recommend. :grin:
All of this discussion about books has got me itching to go read now lol!


See, I’m the same way! I also am a fan of world-building; tbh, I really enjoyed Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde when I listened to it a few years ago. It’s pretty mild compared to a lot of books in it’s genre, but I love the setting and the atmosphere portrayed in the story :smiley:

Haha ikr!

Wow that is so cool that your mom wrote a book, I will totally check it out!!!

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