What do you want from a tester

Questions for designers and people who have tested a few Ribblr patterns.

What are you generally looking for in a tester?

What feedback and other asks for you have of your testers or what are the main things you are asked to do as a tester?

What is the best way to give feedback/corrections on a test pattern through Ribblr?

How do you pick who does your tests?

What would disqualify a tester from testing for you?

What are things that make a test successful?

Anything else you have encounter d that is helpful to know about finding tester, testing patterns, or giving/receiving feedback?


I’m looking for professional
Spelling and punctuation checks
Aprox yarn usage
Gauge depending on what’s being tested

When I look for testers I generally look at previous makes weather they are active.


I look for if they’re active on social media (i e., sharing photos or WIP pics), good finished photos, and thorough feedback. Photos don’t need to be professional, but generally speaking, they need to be clear and taken in good lighting. I also appreciate it when testers send me yardage, measurements, and any other notes.


I’m generally looking for people who have tested before or are a bit more experience since it can be a bit confusing and stressful to test at first.

Not enough people are joining my tests to be picky about it, but mostly I want people’s feedback about the pattern, clarity of instructions, finished look, fit of the garment, that sort of thing.

Stolen work and failure to respect deadlines would be an immediate disqualification.