What is $elFee?

Hi I am new here. Under my makes tab it says $elFee. What is that?

Also, how do I post pictures of my makes to my profile? Can I post pictures of them to my profile without selling them?


Here’s a screenshot for the SelFees, if you visit the help center and search SelFee it can also be found there but the screenshot has everything I believe :smile:

As for the pictures, to post photos of your makes not from a pattern on Ribblr it can only be done in topics, perhaps you just want to share a photo of something you made you can do it there :smile: if your make is from a pattern here on Ribblr you use the journal found in the pattern and this is where photos are added and will be found in your My Makes you can’t post photos in that area if it’s not from a Ribblr pattern and yes you don’t have to sell your makes you have the option to but you have to actually click to do so, it’s not automatically set so no worries there :smile:

If you’re confused about the journal let me know! Just a tip for journals, don’t post a screenshot of the pattern or write down pattern steps in the notes! (Or post them anywhere for that matter) :smile:


this is very helpful! thanks!

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No problem!

this helps me alot, but i still dont get what a $elFee is

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When you sale either a make or pattern here on Ribblr a certain amount/percentage will go to Ribblr let’s say a pattern costs a dollar and someone buys it, Ribblr will get ten cents and the pattern creater who sold the pattern would get ninety cents (I’m using US currency) this is just an example of numbers as I don’t know the exact amount/percentage they take as I don’t sell. It’s essentially a fee for your sales that go to Ribblr, by sharing the $elfFee link either to your shop/patterns/makes you get points that gives you rewards like where you can get 100% off the sale fee so you would get the full dollar instead of just ninety cents if that makes sense :smile:

Oh, thank you! It makes sense now :slight_smile:

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