What is your most favourite project this year?

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my CARDIGAN :slight_smile:


Probably my Pickle Rick amigurumi, but right now I’m designing a cow from Harvest Moon and I think it’ll be my favorite!



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My “Crojo Delight” design. Christmas had just ended, I designed 3 dog coats and worked hard to get 2 of them written out and published to Ravelry, Etsy and my site. I didn’t get the last one finished in time, so I was really bummed…and truthfully? I had problems constantly with so many different aspects of it all…I was “done”. It felt like I was going to lose my crojo too, and that didn’t jive in my mind. So: I decided to just allow myself to play with whatever color I wanted and do whatever I wished. “Crojo Delight” came outta it. I had a blast and everything settled down. My Boyz don’t care for the colors at all, but I find them sleeping under it constantly. The youngest really likes the stitch work details. Hubs is curled up with it right now…