What kinds of patterns should I make? (beginner pattern maker)

Hello! I’m someone who’s been crocheting around 3-5 years and I’ve been wanting to start making my own simple patterns/guides. I’ve thought of this for a bit but I find I either end up losing motivation to keep retrying patterns or end up not wanting to do the projects anymore.

I’m thinking maybe if I can get some feedback on what people are interested in it’d help me build some patterns :slight_smile:

Here’s a guide for ideas:

What I like:

Relatively simple/intermediate patterns
Patterns that have a function such as an article of clothing, bag, or storage item
decorative patterns such as garlands, wall décor, or center pieces
Fall themed stuff. lots of it.
Pagan themed patterns!! I’m pagan and would love to make some neat things for people to try!
sleeveless tops?

Things I don’t like:
super long patterns such as Afghans, blankets, and other more large projects
Amaguri sadly, the little guys are too much for my attention span
not very interested in sweaters or patterns with sleeves currently
shorts or pants that are completely crocheted

If any of this information helps spark ideas, let me know!!! I’d love to make oddly specific patterns also if anyone’s interested lol


Oh how cool!! I just started writing patterns too. They are hard at first to come up with what will be popular! But it doesnt matter. If you like what you make , others will surely love it too!

I love fall! Id love to see maybe a fall leaves pattern! Or even a fall placemat (like a table runner but the short mini ones. Hope you know what i mean), As I dont see those that often. If youre interested in that

Other ideas:
• Fall themed Bandana
• Pumpkin shaped purse !

Anything fall is gonna win me over! Im willing to test anything you make in the future :heartbeat: Good luck

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Thank you!! I’m currently working on figuring out a leaf pattern I like to see if it sparks any inspo :slight_smile:

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You can look at other patterns and try making similar idea but try to make it maybe no sew, easier, smaller, faster. Or a different type of style.

You could try designing some coasters. They’re a small but practical project and you could put symbols like a triquetra or pentacle on it for a pagan theme. Coasters could also be designed to look like leaves or pumpkins for example, to have a fall theme.