What makes a pattern no-sew according to you?

What makes a pattern no-sew to you? What do you think is required for a pattern to classify as such?

It’s a question I’ve been wondering about for quite some time, and it popped into my head again as I’m making a turtle pattern.
You see, this pattern requires you to crochet the parts together, so technically it’s no-sew; but you still need to sew in the yarn ends of the parts for better durability–does that “disqualify” it from being no-sew?

I’m honestly divided on this one, and I think it would make for an interesting discussion, so I’d love to hear your take on this!


My take is that a pattern is considered no sew if you’re crocheting the parts together, and not placing and attaching them separately with a needle later. I think of weaving in ends as finishing off a piece, I suppose. I can definitely see where you’re coming from, though!


To me sewing is connecting pieces together, weaving in your ends isn’t considered sewing for me, just like embroidery is more for details I don’t consider it sewing unless pieces connect/forms a structure if that makes sense


i think it still counts as a no sew, but you can also say its ‘low sew’. but im pretty sure its no sew


Yes, I was kind of thinking the same–but opinions can vary so wildly I wasn’t sure if I was mistaken :smiling_face: I’m usually the sort of crocheter who likes to carry the yarn with me as I crochet so it gets “sewn in” that way, but that doesn’t work out great in this pattern, for example. Gosh, sometimes I do a great job of thinking too deep about something that’s probably simple :sweat_smile:

@ArtsAndNaps You make a good point! Most people probably wouldn’t think twice about sewing on facial details etc.


I definitely also think about things too deeply sometimes than needed too lol I’ve just always considered sewing separate from embroidery and weaving since they had different purposes lol :laughing:


To me sewing is connecting NM pieces together with a needle in crochet, not weaving ib ends cause you have to do that for most patterns if not all


Not having to sew on limbs. Usually they crochet the arms into the rows or use bobbles for the limbs. That’s what I consider no sew


I just consider connecting parts togethet as sewing.
Hiding ends or embroidering details dont count imo.


I think that people who ponder things that might seem small are very detail oriented people, and I think that’s wonderful and important! Also, it’s very true that things of this nature can vary from maker to maker. :blush:
I never remember to work the yarn tails in, so I bring the extra work of weaving ends in later on myself! :sweat_smile:


No sew to me personally is not having to physically sew access parts onto the body. This can include ears, arms, and more. Personally if you have to crochet the peices onto the body then that is no sew since you don’t have to physically “sew” on extra pieces and it is considered part of the crochet pattern because it is included in working in the round.

I agree on how this could make an interesting discussion, because I think that in the end it all comes down to personal preference.

To some people a “no sew” pattern could also mean a pattern that you have to sew very little onto aka “low sew”.

Although personally for me, for a pattern to be considered no sew, I don’t have to sew anything extra onto the body or onto the main piece. This excludes tucking in ends or sewing the end hole closed because no matter which way you go about it, you almost always have to sew the hole closed and tuck in the yarn ends anyways for amigurumi.

Now in your case, where you have to sew around the piece after you have crocheted the pieces together, I wouldn’t necissarily disqualify that from being a no sew pattern because the overall piece is crocheted together and for extra durability it is on you on whether or not you want to sew that piece on for further durability.

A question of my own to ask upon this topic: If you are doing a pattern (I have never come across a pattern like this yet, but it was just a question that popped into my head and that I was curious about) that is considered no sew but you have to make something for the pattern and sew 2 pieces together, then end up sc them to the main body, would that disqualify it from being no sew? Let me know what you all think!

Personally I would say that I would consider it to be a “low sew” pattern rather than a “No sew” pattern if you have to sew pieces together in any way before crocheting them on. Let me know your opinions!


Lol how long it take you type that?


Like…2 mins? xD I’m a very fast typer lol


Wow… i feel it would’ve taken me longer :joy:


Thanks for everyone’s comments! I’m actually a little surprised that we all seem to be on the same page!
@ArtsAndNaps Yes, now that you say it I think that’s exactly how I view it too :sweat_smile: I’ve never really thought of those in connection to each other, even though all three are technically sewing, in one way or another!
@starlitxstitches Haha, it might be true that we who think too much are keen on/about details, but it can also be a bit of a curse :joy:
@RingoSilly Thanks for your explanation! And yes, that’s a very interesting question that might be a little more divided opinion-wise. If you see it black and white, I’d say it’s low-sew–but some people might disagree if the sewing required takes like 2-3 back-and-forth with a needle.
This is just an assumption, but I think this is where designers more than crocheters will disagree, because I think most people think no-sew sells better than low-sew or a pattern with a lot of sewing, and it’s a gray area what it belongs to sometimes. That also depends on the look of the finished piece and if you can see directly that it’s a pattern that would require sewing or not I suppose :thinking:
Sorry for rambling, haha. I tend to try making my patterns no-sew or as low-sew as possible because no matter how I sew things personally something gets slightly off :joy: I hate math in everything but crochet, because there it helps a lot :joy: Math>Sewing


You can type in low sew if you like.


for me only if you have to sew like parts/limbs and stuff. weaving in doesn’t count for me


Sorry, but I’m not quite sure what you mean :sweat_smile:

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i think i’m gonna have to agree with what everyone has said. weaving in ends doesn’t count as ‘sewing’ for me. if you’re able to crochet the limbs in as you do the round, that’s a great pattern imo :smiley: i’m not a beginner but even i struggle with sewing on sometimes :sob:


Yes, it’s a struggle :face_exhaling: One would hope it passes one day! But then again, if we avoid it we won’t get the experience :sweat_smile: (and might come up with more creative ideas to make it no-sew? :joy:)