What object are you obsessed with making rn????…

I’ll go first. Dinosaurs :smiley::t_rex::sauropod::t_rex::sauropod::t_rex::sauropod:


Well… at this point i have an army of mallard ducks, I love making leggy frogs, nosew dragons (i have a pattern coming soon totally not self promo), I do love making dinosaurs and yeah that is it. Everything else i have just made 1 or 2 of pretty much :)))


pigs w/ velvet yarn

Teddy Bear GIF by Best in Miniature

Anything with baby velvet yarn, definitely didn’t use a family members bday as an excuse to get another color today : D

Nice! When’s the pattern for your now-sew dragon coming out?! I’m interested…

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It came out yesterday​:partying_face::partying_face:

Yay! Gonna check it out now :smiley:

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