What patterns do people want?

I am trying to make patterns to sell, but i don’t know what people would like! I make all kinds of things, but i don’t want to sink my time into a pattern that no one actually wants. Is there anything you’d like to see?


If you want to sell it, do something original/creative. It can be plushies, clothes or others. Personally I feel like plushies can interest the most people. You can also start making one free pattern so people can see how you write patterns and discover you. Also making something related to the season helps. For example, a reindeer or a snowman.


I really liked @FlorenceCotnoir comment and agree with it.
Something i would add would be to make something you really like… No point of making something you wont enjoy!


I think a lot of people do like plushies, but me personally im looking for good christmas/holiday patterns right now. Like a holiday plushies or cute sweaters.


Click on the magnifying glass, type in Christmas in search bar. There are hundreds, some are free.

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