What percentage of patterns have made a sale?

I am drafting a post for my blog on the topic of whether it is possible to make profit as a designer and how much designers earn.

I have a memory of seeing a figure when I signed up for Ribblr about what percentage of posted patterns had made at least 1 sale. (I vaguely remember it was about 85%, or something like that??? )

I like to have proper facts and figures for my blogs - but now I can’t find this source at all! I’ve been looking through all the info pages for the last hour, and nothing!

Does anyone have a source for this, or can tell me where to look? Many thanks!


Hi, after going on the help center, clicking My Shop and clicking the more questions in Shop Basics I found where can I find my sales and shop statistics? I’m not sure if this is what you meant but here’s a screenshot let me know of it wasn’t! Alternatively if you want to click the links in the screenshot follow how I got there or just use one of the keywords when searching in the help center. I also moved this to Support :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: since it’s asking a question for the Ribblr app/site, feel free to mark whatever answer gives you the answer to your question


Thanks - although that only tells me what my personal sales are. It doesn’t tell me anything about how many patterns are sold on Ribblr over all. There must be some kind of annual reports or something. And it’s annoying g, because I remember reading it before, so I know the info is somewhere!
But I’ve since found some interesting stats on Ravelry so that’s enough as a reference for my blog post.


Oh I understand now, I also wasn’t aware that you could see that maybe @Ribblr would know for sure how to find it though! :smile: