What’s your favourite crafty item to make for charity?

I started knitting hats in thick, bulky yarn to help keep homeless people a bit warmer in our winter temperature which can get to -40° C. I’ve made over 35 so far this year. I use yarn people have given me. It’s a small way of giving back. :blush: Here’s a picture of some of them.


I also knit hats for the homeless shelter in my town, we can get down to 50 below with wind chills at night. I always worry about how they stay warm in the day (they can only stay in the shelter at night, except in extreme weather in the day) or if there are no open spots at the shelter for the night. I buy Hobby Lobby I love this Yarn when it’s on sale for 30% off, they have some pretty colors, everyone needs something pretty and useful, I make the fold up brims for added warmth. I can’t knit mine out as fast but I do work on them. I am going to find some woven labels to sew into them that say, “You are Loved”, or “Someone Cares”, I think they need to know that too.


Those are so pretty! :grinning: I also use the labels in my hats. It’s nice to let them know someone cares. :blush: