What’s your preference?

I need help deciding the best looking yarn weight for a project. Imagine you have to crochet an amigurumi that is about 20 cm tall.

What would be your favourite yarn weight to use? (In terms of stitch size and how it’d look?)

  • Dk
  • Aran
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Thank you to anyone who answered!


If you want more details go for the smaller weight. I do almost everything in DK so I don’t even know if Aran is smaller or bigger :sweat_smile: it’s it’s something simple go for bigger weight


DK is such a versatile yarn weight! Aran is 10 ply, whereas DK is 8 ply. My favourite yarn for amigurumis only comes in DK, but my project is larger than your usual toy, so I thought perhaps I’m making my life unnecessarily harder using DK, as I’ll have to crochet more rounds and I’m also concerned the fabric won’t be stiff enough to hold the shape!

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I’ve done aran and worsted with a 2.5-3.5cm hook and really liked how the stitch definition was less crisp, holes not easily seen, and believe me, no stuffing is coming out,

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I might try that, great idea!

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For me yarns is yarn except when is dark, I will sit outside to crochet with dark colors.