What should I expect at an online craft-meeting?

Hi yarnfriends :yarn: :wave:
I have found some like-minded crafters and tomorrow we have planned to do an online craft-meeting.:nerd_face:

We have never met in real life and I am SOOOOO socially awkward :see_no_evil:

What should I expect there to happen?
Do any of you have some good tips when attending an online craft-meeting? Both do’s and don’ts?

What are your experience with craft-meetings?

Thank you in advance
:heart: Ida :heart:


Do show and tell- everyone shows one item they recently finished and one that is a work in progress. Those are always fun to see!
Don’t let drama into the group.
Do talk about future meetings and how long the meetings will be etc
Don’t let anyone put down anyone else-If someone is working on something and is a beginner and could use a little more work on their project, don’t let anyone try to tell them it looks bad. Constructive criticism is ok if it’s worded properly and asked for. … I was in a crochet group and we were talking about doing a crochet a long with the Sophie’s Universe blanket and someone high up in the group said the beginners wouldn’t be able to follow along because they weren’t good enough. That hit them really hard and she instantly became someone not many of the group liked
But the most important do- HAVE FUN!!
You can organize gift swaps for Christmas or a project everyone can work on to go to charity (like hats, scarves, mittens for winter etc etc)
The possibilities are endless!