What should I make next

I was thinking of make another pattern but I don’t have any idea of what to make. Does anyone have ideas?


Designs for me do not come easy, sometimes I think of something but logistics get in the way. When I do design it always seems to fall into things which I am drawn to, anyway, things in my “ wheelhouse”. I make what appeals to me And brings me joy. It will come to you, make what you like.
The joy is in the making


What are somethings you love? I sat down at the beginning of the year contemplating this very subject. Wrote a list down of items and since it’s changed many times but everything that was on it brings me some sort of joy. Weather it was amingurumi, something to wear, something that’s cozy like a blanket. It inspired me in some way.
Think color or even what that color can be made into. I find that if I tune into what brings inspiration or joy that the answers come easier. I do this even when I paint or cross stitch. If it’s something I am meh about I feel a bit bleh when I make it. Hope this helps :purple_heart: