What to do regarding tester call

If you post a tester call, and you don’t get any or at least as many testers as you need, do you repost it again? If so, how long to wait before reposting? Thank you for your advice!


this is a really great question for any new designers here! i hope you get the answers you were looking for! :white_heart:


After the 7 days or when it closes automatically I believe it should be fine to repost again, @Ribblr what are your thoughts on this?


I’ve posted tester calls that got just one applicant and it was up for so long I took the loss and had just the one, but it was a simple pattern and I was pretty sure everything was right anyways so it was okay. Sometimes its just the wrong time for people who want to test your patterns so I’d put it up again if you want those testers