What type of yarn and hook do u like using?

Hello everybody, I´m a crocheter and have just joined Ribblr and out of curiosity was wondering if you guys use the hook size on the yarn label or if you guys choose your own hook and which is better for amigurumi. I like to choose my own hook size but was wondering if I wasn´t supposed too. Thank you for your feedback and have a great day/night. <3


hi! welcome to the community! so, i usually don’t use what it says on the label, bc it all depends on your tension!


Thank you!


I generally will measure the width of the yarn (in mm) and use that as my hook size. That just a general rule, I will adjust as needed when using the yarn.

But if you can’t measure the width, take the recommended size and go down a couple of sizes and adjust to what is comfortable to you.


With amigurumi, you want your stitches to be tighter so it’s better to go down a size or two to minimise the gaps between your stitches!! i use a relatively thin velvet yarn and a 3.5mm hook.


Thanks for the feedback! I’ll try it.

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