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heyo! so i recently started watching MHA (if u know it PLEASE TALK TO ME ABT IT-)
and i went on a semi-poetic ramble abt it and its themes to my friend so… enjoy!
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dk what this is but i wanted ti save it

ok so theres a trope in media i enjoy, rather a concept or idea and its the feeling of “there is no victory in this”“we won, but it doesnt feel like it”

its a feeling very well portrayed by two scenes from two different medias, the ending of Civil War and the episode “Bakugo vs Deku” in MHa.

but in it, these twi characters whove had a rivalry since childhood after being friends, go head to head in a battle. and voiding most context, it’s not a necessary battle, its a fake one. B has always viewed D as lesser and as quote “a bug to be smashed”

and so when all the sudden D gets a power he didnt have before, therefore making him as powerful or more powerful than B, B gets madmad. and so theyre placed in this mock setting for school, and B loses it.

he voids the plan and goes straight for D, telling him hiw he feels the whole time, making reckless decisions that almost lead to him getting kicked out, all for the sake of trying to be better, how he thinks its deserved ir owed to him.

but in the end, D waits it out. he thinks logically and concisely, and barely using his power, wins. which is accompanied by a monologue shortly before that sums up to

“i never wanted to be better than you, i looked up to you. i never wanted to surpass you or mock you, i just wanted to be like you. thats why i have to beat you”

and then its announced that D’s team won, and B doesnt lose it, D doesnt celebrate. they just sit there. in this desolate hallway, being told the winners and losers, but not caring.
and ita just this moment of absolute defeat, for both sides.

but anyways im not here to ramble abt MhA (iimda am), im here to talk about writing.
its this trope i lovw

that moment, that feeling of being weightless, but unable to move. youre so worn down, physically emotionally or both, and you just dont anymore.

youre being told you won. “you got what you want”, the universe tells you. but as it says it, its almost sneering at you.

you cant even bother to be mad at it. you just sit there in complete defeat because sure, you won. but was it worth it? what you lost, caused, heck even what you gained?

you cant bring yourself to even stand up, you just look at the person across from you, the “loser” so to speak, and they dont say anything either.

you both just sit in this… this feeling of desolation. despair, no. just emptiness, despite the fact youre supposed to be filled.

and you didnt win, in the end.

you were just told you did.


woah words. but this is very deep, I like it :clap::pensive:


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