What's this?

Another pattern, so soon?

I usually try my best (and sometimes fail) to write one pattern per month and put it up in my shop, and now I’ve uploaded two patterns in as many weeks? Granted, these are two smaller projects, but I still feel this is an accomplishment for me!

The pattern I put up last week is a Kingsday crown, and as I showed it to my family, my dad reminded me that I had promised him last year to make him a rosette for Kingsday this year. I had completely forgotten about it, but he is right! Luckily this pattern works up quickly, so the crisis has been averted!

Even if this is a Kingsday pattern for me, more than twenty countries around the world share the national tricolour of red, white and blue, so I hope this pattern will be enjoyed around the world!

Thank you for reading, and have a wonderfull rest of your day!


Congrats on the pattern release!


Congrats on another pattern release! That’s a really nice feeling to have :smiling_face: