When did you start creating your own patterns?

I’m newer to crochet and can’t imagine how to start creating my own patterns. They seem so intimidating. For me, it’s the difference between following a recipe and creating a recipe. So I’d love to hear your adventures in pattern making, what your first pattern was, anything you’d like to share really :hugs:


The first pattern I ever created was because of a mental breakdown. :joy: I was trying to find a pattern for a cute top and I just couldn’t find anything cute and easy and fast and I ended up doing whatever I felt like. It turned out super cute and after I perfected it a couple of times, it became one of my bestseller top on my Instagram.


I’ve been a knitter for many years and there are always so many patterns out there that I never had a reason to need to design something, until a friend needed a little pick me up and so I spun a skein of yarn and did a deep dive into some lace patterns. I found an old Shetland lace pattern from the Shetland Isles called cats paw. I thought how cool it would look staggered up the edge of a scarf like cat had walked up the scarf, so I designed the placement on the scarf and knit it up. she loved it. I generally only design something when I can’t find a pattern that suits what I want to do, like my daisy lace rectangular shawl, the little lace daisy scarf and the little lace cats paw scarf. i left them as free to knit designs for others.


I crocheted for almost - actually I don’t know how long I crocheted before starting designing - but I wanted to make a crown for my brother to play Legolas from the LOTR so I sorta played around with it and then now I design like crazy. It will get easier, I promise.


My experience is somewhat similar to sarahblumes xd
I had followed this free cat pattern I found on yt and it was the biggest amigurumi I’d made at the time (I was in 6th grade) and I was going to enter it in a beta club competition (ngl I felt weird cuz the paper thing said you made it urself and like original or something and I just followed a tutorial xd) but I guess I forgot to pick it up thinking someone else would like when I did it back in 5th grade, but I guess they did it themselves since they couldn’t trust some 5th graders. Anyways I was kinda sad so I remembered in the tutorial they used flo to make the shape the way it was and so I decided to make a small one using how to make a ball. Mine was pretty weird looking and since it was pink, i guess it was a pig now .. Then I tried making it a but different and made a small baymax and ig I just thought it was cool to try something new, I winged making a top hat for him and yeah, I still aren’t that great and its been a while since then (after 6th grade I kinda stopped, but I’ve picked it back up now) I’m just practicing writing what i do down for later even if I never need it. Clothing is a whole different story, I’m scared to try it xd I’m worried it won’t fit or maybe it would shrink or something ahh
Also sorry its really long and stuff .


Ive been crocheting for around 7 years now but only started writing my own patterns at the start of this year! Its definitely something I always wanted to do but the maths calculations side of it was always so daunting… I started with a simple cardigan design worked in easy shapes so it wasnt too technical for my first time size grading & it really helped me ease my way into designing… now 3 months later I’m working on my 4th design & first spring/summer piece! :blush:


I think I kinda started making patterns around a month after crocheting, but only very easy/basic amigurumi patterns, first bigger pattern I made was like for my axolotl, I’m not sure which exactly was first though (like could also be cat)

And then I learned new stuff like blo/flo and what effect that gives, so I made stuff with those

Basically me making pattern is making a drawing of shapes and trying to replicate the shape as good as possible, removing/adding rows until I’m happy


I start out redoing patterns to make it more like I wanted it. Then after make a bunch of hats I decide to design my own.


I started creating my own patterns about a month ago ~
I taught myself to crochet last year and have been wanting to create my own patterns ever since- but it sounds super daunting
What I’ve found helps is to know your basics stitches, and break whatever it is you want down into its most basic shapes.
My bulbasaur hat pattern ( the first pattern i’ve created ) is, at its core, just a large rectangle with some colourwork. I’ve started testing a couple of amigurumi patterns that start with just making a ball- and other simple shapes.
I’m still very new to this myself, but i hope that helped ! Looking foward to seeing what you create :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I started when patterns I bought were not exactly what I wanted.


For me, it was a combo of having made a zillion things and finally starting to pick up on how shapes were made + I couldn’t find a pattern for what I wanted to make. I realized, “huh, this thing I want to make is essentially just xyz shape sewn to xyz shape”. I still only write a pattern now if I can’t find an existing pattern for what I want.


I made a little bunny to learn, then found that all the patterns were the same things. Everyone makes a cat, or that bee, or my insta is covered in the same cow. I could never find things I wanted to do so I just started going at it myself.

Now it’s a matter of actually writing them up since when I started I just did it by eye. :confounded: