When will chat open back?

Not being rude but I just wanna chat w meh friends :sob: @Ribblr
I understand if you can’t predict the exact time but i am feeling lonely


We’re working hard behind the scenes to try and resolve the issues. All chats are currently off as they’ve caused the community to have extreme degraded performance. We apologise for the inconvenience.

For the time being please use PM instead.


Ikkkk I wanna chattt :sob:

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Tyyyy I hope I wasn’t being rude :sob:

Not at all! We appreciate the frustration and thank you for your patience. Hopefully everything will run as intended now! :purple_heart:

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I just opened Ribblr a few moments ago and found myself logged into both the lounge chat and Ribblr chats. I normally have both permanently logged off. Not sure why it logged me back in without my specifically telling it to.

I just logged both off and hope they will stay logged off. I’m not into chat channels. They are too disorienting for me, too much going on in there