Who are my followers?

@Ribblr , I would love to know who my followers are, so could we somehow see who they are? Also, I find it quite annoying that people get patterns and don’t review them. I t makes me sad because I don’t know if they actually made it, so can we see reviews with photos (if you want) or without. Thank you!
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Do you mean your shop followers? Cuz you can see your profile followers but yeah not your shop followers.


I assume you mean shop followers and not profile followers?
The “review” system on ribblr is called a journal. Some people make them, some don’t.


Thanks for sharing!

As people mentioned, you cannot see who followed your shop but you can see who followed your personal profile.

As for reviews - people can make journals from within your pattern and share notes and photos about their project. They are also asked two questions one about how easy it was to follow your design and the second is about recommending this pattern. Once people have submitted the above it’ll appear in your pattern’s listing page!


2 separate issues. I also am bothered by people not making journals. I do, always. Mostly for my sake of remembering things. Journals are very helpful when getting patterns. I have read where people make a journal for a test, and then delete it. Doesn’t make sense to me.

The questions at the end of the pattern are deceptive. Let’s say there is only one review. Either it says 100% recommend, or nothing. It does not say “not recommended” until there is a 2nd review. Then it would say 50% recommended. :frowning:


As others have mentioned the journal is the review.
I don’t get annoyed typically as I’m guilty of having a boat load of patterns in my pattern section and have not had time to make them. Will i do a journal yes. So in that case why would I hold someone accountable for giving a review if they haven’t had time to make it? Doesn’t seem fair if I’m not holding myself as equally responsible. I also don’t have buckets of time to design plus make patterns at the same time so there’s that too.
As for shop followers that might be a handy thing.
I do see your point though.


We actually wait to have a few more reviews in order to show an average for this reason :blush:


Yes, my shop followers