Who’s on Ribblr? The big Ribblr Survey.

I was wondering what kind of crafter is here on Ribblr.
I’ve heard it said, and had the impression by scrolling the conversations, that its mostly very young people, who like amigurumi. So I confess after initially falling in love with Ribblr, I kinda wandered off. And I’ve put low effort into trying to get my patterns up.

But I’d love to know if maybe the kind of person my patterns are aimed at might be hiding out here too.

I’ll answer all the questions too, its only fair. But I’ll put my answer in the comments, as mostly I want to know about YOU.

So, a little about you.

What are your crafts? Do you crochet, knit, sew, something else?

What do you make? Toys, homewears, garments, something else?

What do you use? Any yarn, lots of acrylic, natural fibres only, vegan yarn?

What are your colours? Any that influence you towards certain patterns?

Who do you make for the most? Yourself, other people (friends and family and gifts) or things to sell?

Gender - do you look for patterns for men, women or both?

Ages - adults, kids or both?

Do you see yourself as part of any particular generation, and does it influence your crafting?

  1. crochet
  2. toys and clothes
  3. a lot of acrylic
  4. blue, green. yeah i love to make seaturtles and they are most of the time blue/green
  5. now i made as gifts but my plan is selling them
  6. both
  7. both
  8. i dont really know

(you can call me eva or fleur your choice)


A bit about me… Only fair.

  1. I crochet, knit and sew. Next on my ‘want to learn’ list is needle felting.

  2. I make a range of things. Mostly garments, and blankets. Occasional toys. I’ve been obsessed with sock knitting for the last year.bi only design garments. My design ideas are ALWAYS for things to wear, even though I always have a calming crochet blanket on the go. But I buy other designers blankets for those.

  3. I use mostly pure wool, with some plant fibres. The environmental impact of crafting is very important to me.

  4. My happy colours are blues and greens.

  5. Because I mostly design gn patterns, I mostly give away my makes to people who will model for me. I spend my days knitting and crocheting cardigans, but have an empty wardrobe!

  6. I like a gender neutral design, personally. Something that can be worn by everybody.

  7. I like designing for kids, and hope to do more of it.

  8. I’m a Gen X er, and maybe my style and expectations of a knitting pattern are still shaped by the print patterns we bought before online patterns came about.


Oh, blue green sea turtles sound adorable. I love sea turtles.


i saved a lot of pattern of it

i made this one from @SeaaTurtleCrochet


I do crochet
I make amigurumis and accessories and I write up patterns
I mostly use acrylic and worsted but yesterday I just got my first chenille yarn!
About colours I have no idea but mostly purple - it’s depending the project
Myself but now I am making amigurumis for my relatives
I am a female but not sure if I go for more both or what
Not sure and i don’t know

  1. I crochet
  2. I mostly make amigurumi, but I paln to make a temperature blanket next year and other things like clothes
  3. I use either acrylic or chenille yarn
  4. I very much like pastels, but when it comes to making animals I try to be as accurate as possible
  5. I mostly make things either for myself or friends I know who ask me to make them something specific in exchange for money
  6. I don’t really care
  7. I don’t really care
  8. not particularly
  • I mostly crochet, only sew when absolutely necessary, really.

  • I make amigurumi, things for the house, things for my son, gifts for people, blankets, wearables. I’ve even made a hammock/ bridge for my hermit crab.

  • I use acrylic, cotton, blanket yarn, chenille, and velvet yarns

  • color doesn’t typically draw me in to a pattern, but I love blue, purple, pink, and red personally. Although I tend to use green a lot because of plants and frogs and stuff

  • I typically make my family gifts, things for my 5 month old son, and occasionally something for myself. Occasionally I sell things

  • I typically make things for women, my son, and I have made things for my brother and dad. All genders.

  • I make things for both adults and kids.

I am a millennial myself, and it does sometimes influence my crafting. I’m a 90s kid, so I love things from the 90s, early 2000’s

  1. My crafts are mainly crochet but I knit, draw, and do a lil bit of sewing as well! On rubber tho, I find I only apply for tests as week as making patterns for crochet

  2. Sometimes I make garments and other stuff, but normally I do amigurumi and lol cute plushies! It’s what I enjoy most because amigurumi works up faster for me and I can make that stuff more quickly, as for garments and for more detailed projects sometimes I get bored and it just becomes a wip

  3. I normally use plush yarn because it’s more smooth on my hands and I can work faster with it. It also just makes bigger and softer plushies!

  4. Honestly I like any colors for my plushies as long as it looks nice! Maybe brighter colors would appeal more to others? Idk

  5. Usually I create for myself because family member and friends usually like the thing I make for em for a few days but then they forget abt it and I feel like I wasted my time on it. I usually just make whatever I like tho and whatever makes me happy! Sometimes I end up selling dem but I still originally make them for myself

  6. For clothing usually I look for girls or women’s cloths because that’s just my gender.

  7. I am a kid or young crocheted, but I find that there are all ages on Ribblr! Something I especially love abt this platform tho is that I actually have crochet friends my age! I’m 12 so it’s hard to find people even close to my age who crochet sometimes but on here I have lots of crochet friends! There is a variety of ages tho

  8. I don’t rlly see myself as a certain generation



That sounds fantastic!

I love that you can find people your own age, with the same wonderful hobby

  1. Crochet, knitting, embroidery
  2. Toys/plushies
  3. Acrylic, blanket, and velvet
    4.i go towards more greens (I make more plants)
  4. For me, friends, and family
  5. Both
  6. Both
  7. I don’t really know

oo this seems fun :>

  1. i crochet, draw, and barely sew. i would like to learn how to knit tho!

  2. i’ve only been crocheting for roughly 7 months so i’ve only learned and made amigurumi (and the infamous awkward beginner square of the basic stitches loll). i’d really like to start making some sweaters / tops and bags, and possibly other things

  3. i use mostly plush yarn (hobby lobby yarn bee or big twist plush) but also love the detail you can get with acrylic! so both haha :sweat_smile:

  4. i don’t really have specifically favorite colors i use, usually just whatever the pattern requires. i do find myself running out of natural colors (whites, creams, browns, blacks) more than the bright colors but thats probably since, like i said before, i mostly make amigurumi / animals.

  5. definitely myself :sweat_smile: i usually just see a pattern i like, make it, then put it in my ever-growing stash of unused makes. i will make someone a gift for a birthday or special event every once in a while but would definitely like to start selling my stuff more.

  6. usually women since i personally am a woman :relieved: i also have 3 sisters and a mom who like my crochet stuff more, compared to my brother and dad who dont care for it, so i end up making more things for the females in my family

  7. like i said before, i have 3 sisters and a mother who are all adults that i mostly make things for but i also love making things for my 3 year old nephew, so both :>

  8. i think that “technically” i’m gen alpha but relate more to gen z (probably from having all older siblings). i think that the crochet tiktok and yt shorts community definitely does end up influencing what i make in the way that they, so to say, ‘advertise’ certain patterns / designs and end up making those more popular / common to make.

these are definitely some interesting questions to make you think! it’s also fun to read everyone else’s thoughts on these topics, thanks! :>

  1. Crochet! I kinda know how to knit but I don’t really like it. I can sew a litgle bit (from my mom teaching me) I have also done needle punch and needle felting before. I am starting to get into needle felting on to my plushies!

  2. As I said before, plushies! I love making penguins especially!

  3. I use chenille yarn and sometimes velvet and blanket yarns. Once I tried it a few years ago, I haven’t stopped! I got my first chenille yarn from dollar tree to make a big penguin. Now I get yarn from hobbii, micheals, joann, and still dollar tree!

  4. I don’t necessarily have a color preference. I have made a rainbow of penguins and plan to make one in every color of yarn that I have! If I don’t have/like the color that is used in the pattern, I will just change it. The design draws me in, not the color.

  5. I make things for me most of the time! Sometimes I make things to give to my sister but I keep almost everything. I have never sold anything yet but I have a few things that I plan on selling in the future.

  6. Amigurumi doesn’t really have a specific gender that it is associated with. I just like to make cute things!

  7. I guess kids, because I make things for my teen self!

  8. I’ve never really thought about it

I also have a shop with a few amigurumi patterns that I am really proud of!:yellow_heart:


First, I think if you only go by the conversations in the community, it does seem like mostly younger crafters. I don’t post as much and I don’t see much from other people I know are older. So, please, list your patterns. We are hiding here.

So, a little about me.
I am retired, on a very fixed income. When we retired, I stocked up on yarn. :yarn: I used to draw (before crocheting full time.) I love music. Not really good at anything, but love trying. (piano, harmonica, lyre harp, karaoke). We have 18 grandchildren, ages 1 to 21.

What are your crafts?
I mainly crochet, tunisian crochet has been fun to learn. I sew, but minimal. I bought clay to make my own custom hooks and markers. I create patterns, mostly because it is something I want or need.

What do I make?
I am a tester / editor for Maria @Letodolls. Have been for a couple few years. Yes, I have made them all, at least once. :green_heart: I have been making more clothing lately for a granddaughter, and myself because I have to test it first, right? I make household needs, like dishcloths, potholders, blankets, pretty much everything.

What do I use?
Mostly acrylic, Red Heart Super Saver for the dolls. I have a huge stash of yarn, including bulky, dk, sock wool, cotton, acrylic, blanket yarn, much more.

What are your colors?
I really enjoy earth tones. And red / yellow / orange lately because of my flower garden.

Who do I make for the most?
friends and family and gifts

Gender -
I look for patterns for both


Do I see myself as part of any particular generation
yep, oldies :wink:

and does it influence my crafting?
not sure if it’s the age but I grew up being creative. So, probably yes.

  1. crochet, knitting, and (very rarely) sewing. i tried sewing first and gave up pretty quickly because it’s a lot less forgiving when it comes to mistakes lol (in my experience)
  2. pretty much everything :DD when i got started i only made amigurumi bc it was the only thing i had the attention span for, but now i make things like blankets, garments, and accessories
  3. mostly acrylic or blanket, though i do love cotton
  4. i look better in dark, desaturated colors, but i don’t usually take that into account when looking for patterns. my favorite color is purple
  5. usually for myself or to sell
  6. almost always women’s
  7. both/not sure
  8. i see myself as a (late) gen z, but i don’t think it influences what i make much
  1. Well i can knit,sew and crochet, but mostly crochet now. I also do other crafts. I love making earrings and keychains. I do bead crafts, cross stitch ( mostly counted) before my 3 rd and 4th child i sewed alot. I worked in nursing so i made scrub tops and sold them. Ive done Christmas fairs for 32 years now. I always make candy for that and my family. I also love baking, when the weather permits.

  2. I mostly make toys. I have made some tops for my daughter. Ive tried making sweaters in the past and could never finish them ( probably cause they were knitting and took for ever to make) i do make some things for the kitchen.

  3. I use all differnt kinds of yarn. Mostly chenille to make stuffies cause its so soft.

  4. I love all colors. But i noticed i use alot of blue ( i have to keep restocking it lol)

  5. I make things mostly for other people. If i really like how the pattern came out i will keep it. My husband keeps alot of what i make. I also sell them when i do fairs.

  6. I dont look for any specific gender to make for. I may see a pattern and be like oh my daughter or son would like that.

  7. I crochet for all ages… my mom has some of the things i have made ( i send her pictures of everything i make and her and my son tell me what they think) shes my best critic. Lol

  8. Well as far as a particular generation goes i am a gen x in my late 40s but feel like early 30s ( my husband just turned 30) But when i craft it doesnt matter what age im crafting for.


What a nice topic, thank you for starting it.
Here are my answers:

  1. What are your crafts? Do you crochet, knit, sew, something else?
    Yes, Yes and I also worked in my brothers Leather chair making business (English is my 3rd language, I apologise)… Sewing Leather and faux-Leather chairs.
    In my 41 years on earth I have done many hobby’s, sold them too. Painting, Scrapbooking for magazines, Drawing, Wedding/birthday (edible cakes) business, Knitting for Refugees (a non-profit I still help where I can), I also do epoxy resin Keychains, Sculpting (non edible and edible designs), slime making… I have all the supplies still and I do it when I have need to recharge. It seems a lot, but it’s a way for me to cope with my C-PTSD, depression and anxiety.

  2. What do you make? Toys, homewears, garments, something else?
    My first project was a huge table-cloth with tiny size crochet hook when I was 17-18. (3 months of work), I started recently (2 weeks ago) with amigurumi. I make toys, it makes me happy and I can make innocent children happy. And it’s keeping me sane :rofl:

  3. What do you use? Any yarn, lots of acrylic, natural fibres only, vegan yarn?
    Right now acrylic, Chenille Blanket, Velvet blanket, Any yarn I get.

  4. What are your colours? Any that influence you towards certain patterns?
    Happy Colours, Depends on the pattern. If a pattern looks cute and I know it will make a child or adult happy. It will influence me towards certain patterns. If you suffer from mental illness like Complex Trauma, Depression and anxiety, you just want cute and happy designs. To heal your inner child.

  5. Who do you make for the most? Yourself, other people (friends and family and gifts) or things to
    I always keep the test version for myself and gift it to people.
    I currently don’t sell. But I need to LOL… To cover the cost of the materials.

  6. Gender - do you look for patterns for men, women or both?

  7. Ages - adults, kids or both?
    Both. Especially those who are struggling with mental health issues or have a hard time.

  8. Do you see yourself as part of any particular generation, and does it influence your crafting?
    No. When it comes to creativity, our imagination takes over. Taste may vary, but to me it has nothing to do with generation.

Thank you for these questions.


Crochet and sew
Any yarn but mostly chenille/plush/velvet
No not rlly
Mainly to sell or for myself but barely for me
Both but mainly kids
No not rlly


I personally love how diverse the crafting community is as lots of younger people (myself included) have become involved.

I crochet and knit, and I would love to learn to sew in the future!

I really make anything I’m interested in, but it’s mainly amigurumi

Again, I use whatever I have (usually from gifts) but it ends up being mainly acrylic

I usually get colours that are common for animals, and I love neutral colours like black, white, and brown

I often make gifts for others, or I just get asked to make so ething for them. If it’s not as a gift, I usually keep it in hope that I can sell it later haha

I make both, especially because I have lots of brothers that want me to make them things

Both again!

I think I’m in gen z, but I don’t think that majorly affects what I make

  1. I crochet.

  2. I crochet blankets, scarves, hand gloves, and now Amigurumi. Baby girl dresses as well. I embroidery and I can see clothes by hand even sewing machine.

  3. I used acrylics and worse yarns.

  4. Depends, some colors bores me and to much darks colors hurts my eyes like black, brown, red, dark blue even white.

  5. Family, some people orders from me blankets and baby even little girl dresses.

  6. Both .

  7. Babies, kids and teens.

  8. I’m more of a floater. I love testing for those who need testers. I mostly do my own designs and drawings I use in my embroidery pillows or blankets.

I’m more visual than reading. I took a picture and crocheted a amigurumi and I need to finished another. I teach and taught.