Why can't I split screen ribblr patterns and youtube/netflix?

When I crochet I will often have my laptop screen split between the pattern and whatever i’m watching while I crochet, I feel like this must be a pretty common way to crochet.

I just tried doing that with ribblr in one browser window, youtube in another and unless your focus is on ribblr it blurs the content so you can’t read anything, I don’t understand what possible purpose this feature could have? Is this an issue anyone else has run into?

Example of my usual setup and the deliberately added fuzziness :arrow_down:

To clarify why I prefer to keep the window I am watching stuff on active vs the pattern it’s because it allows me to easily pause/play/skip/etc. by using keyboard shortcuts and I’m much more likely to need to do that than to interact with the pattern outside scrolling down the page which can usually be done even if the window is not the active one.


I think it has something to do with Ribblr’s website privacy - mine is doing the same thing even with both browsers open to Ribblr


Do you mean it’s part of some specific privacy policy ribblr has? If so I’m still really confused by it, what do they think is going to happen, do they think someones going to copy a designers pattern by snooping over my shoulder in a cafe and then sell it or something?!


If you keep the browser window with Ribbr active or “on top”, the blur will go away while watching in the other window.


I know that’s an option, I did say why I prefer to have the other window active. Allows me to use keyboard shotcuts to play/pause/skip/etc. whatever I’m watching which I find extremely convenient when crocheting. I wouldn’t mind so much if there was any logical reason why it should be blurred by I just can’t see one.


Maybe in a way like, if someone has ribblr open and then a second tap something to write in, they can copy the pattern step by step, but the blur makes it that they wouldn’t be able to type in a different window/tab while also having the pattern visible

Since ribblr doesn’t give away pdf of the pattern already to protect theft of patterns, this is probably another feature to make the copy way of theft more difficult

But idk for sure, just my guess, could always try tag ribblr to ask @Ribblr


That’s right, this is one of the many protection features. We recommend either keeping the tab open as the main one or working via the free Ribblr app.