Why did you start crocheting?

I would like to hear your stories!


I started crocheting to give me something to do with my fingers. I hate waiting/non productive.
At the time I started I also wanted to quit smoking and thought crochet would help with that. I was getting disgusted with how much time i wasted on Candy Crush, Bejewelled, Zombies, etc and had nothing to show for it.
So, I picked up some stuff and books and dove in like a dolphin to water. My crochet mommys are various women on the internet. A huge honorable mention goes to Tamara of Moogly.
I started to crochet in my early 40s, and I’ve been non stop since.


So what’s your story? You got one? :nerd_face:


My mother and I where in the living room and she always knitted and because I had nothing to do she showed me how to crochet and ever since than I can’t stop


That’s kinda funny story!


I used to go to ballet classes but i stopped because im not good at it. And then i found an old doll someone gave me when im younger. I asked my dad if it was knitted (i didnt know abt knit or crochet) and he said it was crocheted. So i told him that i want to learn to crochet…and thats how i start crocheting


My Daughter is getting married in November and wants a sunflower bouquet. Im still practising so please wish me luck


I was at dollar tree getting craft supplies when I saw crochet hooks being sold there. That same Day on Pinterest I saw people making awesome plushies with crochet, so I bought some crochet hooks and yarn. The next day I tried to learn but it didn’t work and I gave up. A few months later I was inspired again and tried. I used YouTube to learn and 5 months later I have my own business and love to crochet!!! One thing about me is that I have self taught myself all the crafts I do.


I got bored during quarantine


There was a class in junior high school. I was hooked ever since.


I thought it would be cool to do something and with me having social anxiety it gives my hands something to do other than scratch the skin off my thumbs


My first semester of college I needed a way to de-stress. Been hooked since!


Mine is kind of a sad story, but I’m choosing not to be ashamed of it anymore. :slight_smile:

I decided to learn to help fill the void of loneliness I was experiencing at the time. My boyfriend back then was incredibly abusive and kept me isolated from friends, family, and work colleagues. I could only sneak out and spend time with my family when he was at work.

One day I snuck out with my dad and saw a crochet pattern for a strawberry dishcloth and thought it was really cute and that I wish I could make it, and the rest is history from there. He grabbed the pattern when I wasn’t looking and bought my everything I needed to make it.

I continue to crochet today for my stupid mental health. :laughing: I was diagnosed with bipolar a few years back (something else I’ve decided not to be ashamed of anymore), and it does wonders for me on my bad days. It gives me something to focus on when everything else seems impossible.


I love this story. While it may be sad, it is also inspiring. I love this part the best.

Also, you should gift your dad a strawberry dishcloth.


I honestly think my dad would cry if I did :sob: Thank you :heart: I know have a wonderful and loving husband. He just painted my office for me so I have a dedicated space for my crochet! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I am in tears. Been there. I have my Jerry now. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That’s so wonderful! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I officially started when I was around 5, when my grandma started teaching me. I remember in 3rd grade I had a phase where I brought the ugliest bright red scarf to school every day to work on it whenever I could :joy:

In my freshman year of college, I lost my financial aid a couple weeks into the first semester and had to return to a toxic, abusive environment. I picked it up again to help cope (when I wasn’t busting my butt to save money and get out).

I got out & kept crocheting, but I really found my flow after my daughter was born. Having someone to make for just made it so much more meaningful! She’s 7 now and has a closet full of handmade clothes, with lots to pass down to her baby brother as he grows into them. Now I mostly crochet for myself, because I’ve finally realized I’m crochet worthy!


Crochet and all the other crafts I do help me with my bipolar too. As you said, focus and also happy and grateful that I am able to make things I love.


I started because I wanted to make what my grandma was making when I was 5. After a while of learning I had stop but then picked it back up because I wanted to honor her that she gave something that was part of her. She passed away when I was about 7.
Roughly 50 years ago, I hope I’m making her proud for how far I’ve come.